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About our mission

About Rekha Musale

Practicing Yoga for over 25 years, Rekha has learned various forms for Yoga like Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kaivalya Yoga, Kriya yoga, and much more.

Learning from various meditation practices like Art of Living, Inner Engineering, Kundalini yoga, Rekha has adopted various techniques and incorporates them in her yoga classes.

As a breast cancer survivor and going through various health issues, Rekha has seen tremendous benefits of Yoga in managing pain, stress, and healing. 

She has incorporated various styles of Yoga and Meditations to form her own routines that helped her in her journey and loves to share these benefits with others.

A Mom, an artist, an IT professional, a Yoga teacher, and a Philanthropist, she loves to keep herself challenged in the most creative ways possible. As a breast cancer survivor, she believes in living life to the fullest and making each moment count. 

Join her as she embarks on a journey to explore, expand and reach a limitless self!


What We Offer

We offer daily Yoga sessions that include simple postures, breathing practices, meditation, chanting, and mudras. 

We also offer Workplace Wellness Yoga, Partner/ Couple yoga, and Holistic Healing pain management workshops.

The regular sessions help participants in improving flexibility and releasing stress from body and mind. The therapeutic nature of these sessions not only benefits people with common health problems like backache, sciatica, etc but also helps patients with post-surgical recovery by improving range of motion and muscle tone. The yoga practice is helpful even with cancer patients and helps them on the path to recovery.

Apart from yoga, we offer weekly art classes, art sessions for communities, mindful art/practical meditation art, and work as an art fundraiser for NGOs.

The various techniques in the class provide therapeutic benefits and offer physical, psychological, and emotional balance in the body.

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Benefits of Restorative Yoga


Yoga practices help increase blood circulation and reduce pain. Guided practices like yoga Nidra helps with pain management.

Muscle Stiffness

Daily yoga practices have proven to release muscle tension and improve flexibility.


A study found that yoga can help reduce fatigue and increase energy levels with regular practice.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Trauma can be caused by events like war and natural disasters or by personal events like the diagnosis of disease or loss of near and dear ones. Several studies have found that yoga practices can be beneficial in post-traumatic stress.

Anxiety and

Many different types of studies indicate that yoga can reduce anxiety and mood by managing breathing.

Sleep quality and sleep medication use

A large study of a specific yoga program showed improved sleep quality and reduce medication dependence in patients with sleep problems.

Benefits of Art

Explore Creativity

It’s time to bring out your creative side and watch it do wonders for you

Express feelings

Lines, shapes, and colors are believed to be very helpful in expressing emotion

Gift of “present”

Capturing the moment & the gift of “present” can be a delightful experience!

Benefits of Holistic Healing

Medical science can provide treatment and cure for a disease, but healing of the body is a holistic process that happens from within.

A wholesome approach of looking at your own body and mind and understanding the connection between the two is key to our signature holistic Healing Program.

Emotional Wellbeing

Holistic healing is a practice of meditation and mindfulness that provides a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing.

Physical Wellbeing

Healing at a physical level happens when you adopt a healing mindset. Our Holistic healing program helps you understand and adopt a healing mindset that can expedite your physical healing.

Mental Wellbeing

The state of your mental health overlaps with both your emotional and physical health. Holistic healing encourages people to prioritize their mental health every day.